Ayurvedic Treatment Protocol for Management of Covid 19- Case Report of 2 Patients

  • Deepthi Satwik Director, Satwik Ayurvedic Solutions, Near Vivekodayam School, Kunnath Mana Lane, Shornur Road, Trissur-1, Kerala, India.
Keywords: Ayurveda, Covid 19


Ayurveda science is sufficient and enough to handle not only corona cases but also any pandemic diseases. There are few classically explained Ayurvedic herbal drugs executed, formulated and are being used and considered for treatment of corona virus disease (Covid‘19).For this one supportive medicine combination given along with curative medicines is proven that it is highly preventive. This could be evidently seen when two kids with the age of 1.5 and 3 years were not affected by coronavirus even if they were very much closely associated with corona affected persons who are their parents. The objective was to develop evidence based, frequently updated practice guidelines on treatment’s effectiveness and efficacy intended is to support patients, to other Ayurvedic doctors as well as all other medical systems and to have amendment regarding Anti-pandemic act made by government and followed so far in case of treatments and management of patients with Covid19 by Ayurvedic science. In this case patients were treated with Tab Corimmune (one tab two times a day), Tab Trideva (one tab two times a day) Liq. Codonil (15 ml two times a day) and medicated herbal inhaler for 15 days and found effective.

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