A Case report of Shalya Uddharana (Extraction of Foreign Body)

  • A S AJMEER HOD, Unit of Shalya Tantra Bandaranayake Memorial Ayurveda Research Institute, Navinna, Sri – Lanka
Keywords: Ayurveda, Eight Surgical Procedures, Foreign body, Shalya Uddharana


The eight surgical procedures are to cure tissue injury and inflammatory conditions. Foreign bodies should be removed using direct visualization rather than blind probing whenever possible. This often requires extending an incision from the entry. The area can then be explored by carefully spreading the soft tissue with a hemostat. If the foreign body cannot be visualized, the physician may be able to feel it with the hemostat. The foreign body can then be grasped and removed with an alligator or splinter forceps, or the soft tissue dissected over the end to visualize and remove. In this case an effort has been made to draw a special attention on ancient surgical concepts of Sushruta Samhita practicing today with few refinements. This case study is to acknowledge global readers about foremost documentation by Sushruta regarding Shalya Uddharana in emergency. A 69-year-old married woman consulted the outpatient department (OPD) of Bandaranayake Memorial Ayurved Research Institute (BMARI) hospital and referred to Department of Shalya-tantra, with a chief complaint of severe pain in wrist of right hand due to penetration of sharp splinter since three weeks duration. Patient recovered from pain completely removed foreign body and disappear hyper echoic area Ultra sonographycally.


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