Ayurveda Psychotherapy in Stress due to COVID-19: A Single Case Study

  • Thushara Joy Ayurveda Mental Health Practitioner, Thrissur, Kerala, India
Keywords: COVID-19, Mental health, Ayurveda, Psychotherapy


The pandemic Covid-19 has been affecting nations across the globe and has reported to create psychological distress in people mainly due to the strategies to mitigate the disease spread. In this case study perceived stress in a male patient aged 29 with stress response aroused due to COVID-19 restrictions in life situation is assessed. The stress symptoms were graded with perceived stress scale and a value of 17 was noted indicating moderate level of stress. There was no contributory physical ailment. Ayurvedic psychotherapy structured based on the Ashta vibrama mentioned in the Unmada context of Caraka samhita was provided. In this method the changes were advised on patient’s Bakti (Passion) Sheela (Habits) Ceshta (Psychomotor activity) and Acara (Cultural norms/practices) which regulates one’s overt behaviour. The sessions were of half an hour duration provided for seven days after which stress level was reduced to 8 showing low stress level. This score was maintained after two weeks follow up session. The low stress level was maintained even after one month follow up. The Ayurveda psychotherapy measure structured on Ashta vibrama thus can be a developed into a measure to bring in changes in overt behaviour of individuals.

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Joy, T. (2021, January 1). Ayurveda Psychotherapy in Stress due to COVID-19: A Single Case Study. International Journal of AYUSH Case Reports, 4(4), 221-225. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.52482/ijacare.v4i4.185
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