An Evidence Based Homoeopathy Management in Tinea Corporis- A Case Report

  • Siddhartha Pal M.D. (Hom.) National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata; J.R.F., Dr. Anjali Chatterjee Regional Research Institute, Kolkata.
  • S. Seetha Lakshmi PG Scholar of Dept. of Organon of Medicine, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Salt Lake, Kolkata.
Keywords: Individualized Homoeopathy, Non-medicinal management, Ringworm, Tinea corporis.


Tinea is a superficial fungal infection of the skin, caused by T. rubrum. It usually affects the trunk, legs, back and arms and is spread through direct contact with affected individual. Non medicinal management along with individualized homoeopathic treatment has a great scope in treating and combating such conditions.  A 28-year-old female presented with itchy eruption on back, diagnosed as Tinea corporis. The condition aggravated at night, after perspiration and intense desire to scratch was felt from mere touch. This case shows the usefulness of Tellurium 30C in Tinea corporis, by improving the skin condition as well the overall well-being of the patient, administered on the basis of totality of symptoms.

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Pal, S., & Lakshmi, S. S. (2021, September 28). An Evidence Based Homoeopathy Management in Tinea Corporis- A Case Report. International Journal of AYUSH Case Reports, 5(3), 143-147.
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