Effectiveness of treatment with Homeopathic medicine in managing the case of Vitiligo- A Case Report

  • Aditya Kukreti Postgraduate Scholar, School of Allied Health Sciences, Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University, Delhi, India
  • Prince Kumar MD(H), Dept. of Case taking and Repertory, Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Uttar Pradesh, India
Keywords: Bedwetting, Constipation, Homoeopathy, Lachesis, Silicea, Vitiligo


Vitiligo, a common depigmenting skin disorder, has an estimated prevalence of 0.5–2% of the population worldwide. The disease is characterized by the selective loss of melanocytes which results in typical non-scaly, chalky-white macules.  Aetiology is still unknown and it is difficult to cure. In this case, a 7year-old girl approached our clinic with complaints of milky-white patches in cheeks, lips, chin, distal phalanges, both hands, both legs, genitalia for 2 years. Along with the main complaints, she had hard dark colour offensive stool, stains a lot while passing and bedwetting at night with offensive character since 1 year. Initially, Silicea 0/1 once in every alternate day on early morning in empty stomach for 30 days was given and gradually increasing potency upto Silicea 0/3 for each month, from then patient shows gradual improvement in bedwetting and constipation. After 3 months, Lachesis 1M, one dose followed by Placebo for 30 days was started and same treatment was given for next two months which shows promising improvement in white milky patches in the affected part. This case report shows the effectiveness of treatment with homeopathic medicine in managing the case of Vitiligo.

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