Management of Arsha (Hemorrhoid) Through Multimodal Treatment Approach- A Case Report

  • W.A.A.P. Wickramanayake Senior Registrar, National Ayurveda Teaching Hospital-Borella, Sri Lanka
  • K.K.V.S. Peshala Lecturer, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka
Keywords: Arsha, Thrombosed pile mass, Chedana Karma


Hemorrhoid is a common disease among people. Considering the clinical features of hemorrhoid, it can be correlated with different types of Arsha described in Ayurveda texts. 42 years old Male patient presented with the complain of some masses coming out during defecation which has to reduce manually for one year. Case is diagnosed as intero-external hemorrhoids at 7 and 11o’clock positions and internal hemorrhoid at 3 o’clock position. Apart from the pile masses, there was a pedunculated polyp on the 7’ o clock pile mass. Dhanya Panchaka Kashaya, Avipattikara Churna, Dhatri Churna, Abhayarishta and Panchawalkala sitz bath were given. He was undergone for Chedana Karma of polypoidal mass. A broad based inflamed external pile mass was acutely aroused immediate after Chedana Karma of the polyp. It was treated with Vasti and external paste initially and leech application on 4th and 6th days. Chedana Karma for the mass was performed on 8th day. Patient was free from symptoms after three months and no-recurrent or adverse effect was observed up to the date. It can be concluded that Arsha can be successfully managed with combined treatment modalities such as internal drug administration, sitz bath, application of pastes, leech application and Shastra Karma.

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