Ayurvedic Management of Fibromyalgia- A Case Report

  • Reshma R PG Scholar, PNNM Ayurveda Medical College, Thrissur, Kerala, India
  • Vineesh V Professor, PNNM Ayurveda Medical College, Thrissur, Kerala, India
Keywords: Ayurveda, Fibromyalgia, Kaphavrita vata, Neurasthenia, Pitta pradhana, Tridosha


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition estimated to be affecting 3-6% of the global population. New treatments and management strategies are emerging that offer relief and a path to a better quality of life.While analysing the symptoms of fibromyalgia in an Ayurveda prespective, majority of symptoms are due to vata followed by kapha and then by pitta. So it can be considered to be a vatha pradhana tridoshaj vyadhi. The majority of the symptoms of fibromyalgia can be seen in gatavatha lakshana. Mainly maamsagata vata lashana, uttarotharam it will affect asthi and majja. While considering the avarana, we can see the kaphavrita vatha lakshana. So we can’t adopt a common treatment protocol for every condition. Here I am highlighting a case report of a patient complaints of generalised body pain and sleep disturbance, which shows considerable improvement through internal and external Ayurveda management.

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