Ayurvedic Management of Bell’s Palsy - A Single Case Report

  • Akashlal M Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences
  • Mithuna K Intern, Vishnu Ayurveda
  • K M Prathap Sankar CCRAS, National Ayurveda Research Institute for Panchakarma, Trissur, Kerala ,India
Keywords: Ayurveda, Arddita, Bell’s palsy, Nasya


Bell’s palsy is characterised by the sudden weakness in the muscles of one half of the face due to the inflammation or compression of facial nerve which is commonly unilateral. Bell’s palsy can be correlated to Arddita mentioned in Ayurvedic classics. Arddita is included among Vatavyadhi. The aggravated Vata will produce symptoms like deviation of half of the face, Tremulousness in the head, Speech difficulty, deformities in eyes etc. A 45year old male patient reported in the outpatient department with sudden onset of deviation of angle of mouth towards right before 2 weeks. The complaints are associated with speech difficulty, drooling of saliva from the left side, inability to close the left eye, reduced taste sensation, heaviness & mild swelling over the affected side of the face. The case was clinically diagnosed as Bell’s Palsy/Arddita. The patient is treated with Kaphahara/Sophahara followed by Vatahara medicines and procedures. The case was assessed with ‘House and Breckmann’ assessment scale. The result showed significant improvement in motor factions and asymmetry of face. After the treatment, the ‘House and Breckmann’ gradation improved from grade 4 to grade1. This case report shows that classical Arddita treatment is effective in Bell’s palsy.

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